Product LifeCycle Security Management

Product Lifecycle Security Management (PLSM)

"Without regular reviews and proper security assessment on the patches and upgrades actually form a critical security gap that can overcome or invalidate all security assessment and risks that were completed earlier..."

A product may be properly evaluated and deployed atthe point of initial deployment. As the product or solutions go into deployment cycle; patches, updates and upgrades often come in. Such patches and updates could be a "double-edged sword".On one hand, these patches and updates may increase the resilience of the product or solution to defend against latest attacks and risks. However, on other hand, without proper security assessment, such patches and updates could themselves be conduits for attacks to ride into the systems or solutions.

An entire security lifecycle management is required to ensure that the solutions are up to date and also the patches / updates will not compromise the security properties of these solutions.

CBIS Labs always takes the interest of the customers at heart. Proper security assessment and regular reviews provide assurance to system owners and users that the security vigilance remains high throughout the deployment cycle.

CBIS Labs doesn't just stay with the customers at the point of deployment. CBIS Labs stays with the customers to the end of the deployment for the solutions.