Consultancy & Training

Information Security Consultancy Services at CBIS Labs

CBIS Labs (formerly known as Clearbridge InfoSec) provides consultancy services for different standards and schemes that you will need for your business expansion and execution.

Established International Security Standards

There are two commonly used Security Standards in Government and Commercial sector. These standards are Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2/3. These standards are meant to ensure that product developers conform to certain known standards. Government procurement agencies often rely on certifications from these two standards as a proxy to assess the reliability and assurance level of the product offered.

In CBIS Labs, we offer consultancy services to help vendors or product developers who are keen to acquire such standards. CBIS Labs is able to advise and conduct preliminary assessment on the readiness of the target of evaluation perspective.

Training Services at CBIS Labs

In CBIS Labs, we offer the following information security related training services:

  • Customised Training

  • CBIS Labs Training Suite

    • Level 1 - Fundamental modules (eLearning Platform)

    • Level 2 - Classroom lectures

    • Level 3 - Specialised Training

SecurityReview eLearning Platform

CBIS Labs has partnered Veracode to deliver SecurityReview Enterprise Edition which integrates a security knowledgebase and web-based secure programming training courses for developers and security personnel to meet formal training and competency testing requirements. SecurityReview contains a turnkey training program which can be rolled out across your organization without any need for special hardware, software or travel to on-site training facilities.

Courses can be taken at the user’s own pace and Veracode’s Application Risk Management Platform provides dashboards and reporting on usage metrics, courses completed and competency testing. SecurityReview Enterprise Edition provides a predefined number of eLearning seats and each seat is granted unlimited access to all online secure programming training courses and knowledgebase content.

This coursework are eligible for continuing professional education (CPE) credits as part of (ISC)² CISSP and CSSLP certifications. One hour of course work equates to one hour CPE credit. Upon completion of a module, one can print out a copy of their PDF transcript which can be sent to the appropriate accreditation institute as proof.

Course includes a total of 20 modules, which contains more than 50 hours worth of contents. There are multiple choice tests and exams after each module to help employees to understand the modules better.