The world is changing. New technologies and new products surface every day. So do new attacks and vulnerabilities. But one thing will never change.

Our Ultimate Mission - To ensure and deliver assurance you need, and to provide you the capability to make Informed Choices.

So that you can focus your resources in this competitive world on growing your business in a Confident and Assured manner.

The Independent Consultant

CBIS Labs (formerly known as Clearbridge InfoSec) is also an independent information security consultancy and test lab based in Singapore that specialises in niche high-value consultancy services, one-stop information security testing services as well as customised information security training for clients.

Application Security Services

CBIS Labs is a regional partner of Veracode since 2011 to provide a complete suite of services which includes static analysis, dynamic analysis, mobile application behavioral analysis, software composition analysis and consultancy on enhancing applications' security and assurance.

Veracode is an application security company based in Burlington, Massachusetts which provides an automated cloud-based service for securing web, mobile and third-party enterprise applications.

Software Security Training

CBIS assist companies to train their in-house software engineers to protect their organisations against data breach through cloud-based training. Veracode's course-based eLearning empowers software developers, testers and security leads to develop secure applications from inception to deployment. With this, Organisations can quickly onboard all employees, including geographically diverse development teams, with the security knowledge needed to prevent a potential breach and meet compliance requirements.

We believe that every client is unique and deserves our upmost attention. Our high-value independent and client-oriented focus ensures that clients get only the best services in all situations.

Our Service Motto - We listen, We understand, We promise, We deliver.

Contact us at:

Security Analysis and Evaluation Services General Inquiries, Email: contact@cbislabs.com

SecureReview eLearning Platform and Customised Training, Email: elearning@cbislabs.com