Dynamic Analysis & Penetration Testing

Dynamic Analysis and Penetration Testing

"Stress testing product in real world - hostile world. Challenge the assumptions"

Often, good product development teams do design tests to verify the functions and performance of the product. However, the disadvantages of such tests often lie in the assumptions. All tests are formulated based on assumptions and being product development team, the assumptions made may not be comprehensive for various operating scenarios. Furthermore, even if the products by themselves have undergone numerous stress tests, when different products come together to form a system, potential gaps may surface to allow attackers to exploit.

The CBIS Labs Team has the ability to conduct dynamic analysis and running the targets of evaluation under hostile environment that emulates the real world scenario. Such red teaming or dynamic analysis aims to test the assumptions in similar way that an attacker would stress the system. The CBIS Labs Team also has a team of PenTest experts who can perform simulated attacks on the system under deployment to find gaps that may not have been obvious.